The Rise of Co-Created Storyworld Communities

Welcome to the resource page that accompanies our SXSW 2012 talk, "The Rise of Co-Created Storyworld Communities".

We're happy you've stopped by. This page is dedicated to information surrounding our SXSW 2012 panel on The Rise of Co-Created Storyworld Communities. We realize that some of you will not be able to attend SXSW so we wanted to make this information available to our remote audience as well. Feel feel to explore the content area and also meet the panelists page where you can find each panelists contact information.

We hope you enjoy our talk and look forward to having a dialog with us in the future. Feel free to follow us on twitter and share our link with others who may be interested in the topic of community co-creation.
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Thanks to Scott Walker, we have a narrated version of our presentation available to those who were not able to attend. We hope you enjoy this.


Esther, Scott and Craig

Also, it isn’t too late to submit any questions you may have. Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!


Esther, Scott and JCraig.

Date: Sunday March 11, 2012

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Location: Austin Convention Center

Description of Talk:

Storyworld communities are often treated as marketing and promotional tools, where content creators spend significant time, money and resources building a thriving and engaged fan base around their story, only to abandon these living ecosystems at the completion of the narrative. Yet the role of the storyworld community is changing as content creators begin to recognize the value of building persistent, sustainable, and scalable storyworld communities by sharing creation rights with fans.

This panel will examine the definition of co-created or shared storyworld communities, the market forces driving this movement, the benefits of sharing storyworld creation and ways to leverage the community to grow the story universe contextually and commercially. We will also discuss the different aspects of Creative Commons Licenses, the rights and options for sharing ownership with the individuals involved in the co-creation process and the expansion of the canon into various co-created materials and subsequent content.

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Podcast: Legal Issues Created by Storyworld Communities and Transmedia

As a precursor to our SXSW 2012 Digital Domain Panel on The Rise of Co-Created Storyworld Communities, Scott Walker, JCraig Williams and Esther Lim had a thirty minute chat on, to talk a little bit about shared storyworld communities and the legal considerations surrounding them.